Tracey Barry

Obituary of Tracey C Barry

Oh Great and Omniscient Father of all humanity, and ruler of the universe, we stand here before you as one voice and humbly beg of you, in the name of Jesus, your Son and our Redeemer, to shower your mercy, forgiveness, and love, upon Tracey, the absolute love of my life, and mother of my children.

In addition to myself, Tracey has been the love of, not only her sisters & brothers, but also, universally, the love of all those who stand here before you.

Life is a series of moments, and this moment will always live on, from here on out _ Please Lord, let us always look back and remember this moment in time, when we stand here before you, with unconditional love in our hearts and pray to you to take Tracey into your loving care.

In this age of turmoil, when it is a struggle to see the good in all those around us, it was refreshing to have had a partner and mother, who broke down social barriers and treated everyone with her brand of love, kindness and empathy.

Dear Father, in the name of Jesus, our savior, who had such love in his heart for all of us, that he not only befriended common peasant fishermen, broke bread with them, and called them brother, but also laid down his life so that all men might have a taste of that same love in their hearts. We beg of you to see that same brand of love in the heart and soul of our departed, but never forgotten, wife, mother, sister, friend and servant.

Tracey, I know that you loved dolphins, and you may swim with them when your ashes are sprinkled, but now you need to learn to spread your wings and fly. Please, Father, let this pretty angel into your loving care.

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