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Obituary of Hubert Clyde Cox

Hubert Clyde “Sonny” Cox, Jr.  went to heaven on November 28, 2021.  Sonny was the son of Hubert Charles Cox, Sr., and Daisy Plotts Cox of Coudersport, PA.  He was born on September 24,1934 in Olean, NY and spent his childhood in Coudersport.  He attended Coudersport High School and played football and basketball for the Falcons, graduating in 1953.  He married Yvonne Lamb in 1953 and had one daughter, Sharon Cox Britt, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  His parents owned and operated the “Little Tea Room” in Coudersport back in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Sonny was a Mason and a Shriner for over 50 years.  For the last several years he and his wife Yvonne have resided at the Masonic Home of Florida in St. Petersburg, FL. 

He was a teller of tall tales of magnificent proportions, what he didn't know, he made up, the stories changed and the fish got bigger. He knew he was making it up, he. did. not. care.  His intent was to make people laugh and he was born to entertain.

He picked up a set of drumsticks at age 6 and made music, no one knew how he could possibly make do that, but he did.  He played drums for the rest of his life.  He had a band when I was a kid called the "Pink Poodles". 

He did not care about male and female roles in the 60's and 70's.  He washed clothes, cleaned house and cooked dinner.  He adored his mother and his older sister, June.

He gave literally hundreds of hours to the Masonic lodge and the Shrine, especially the shrine band, he never complained.

He devoted his life to doing the right thing and his motto, "Do the basics, get up in the morning, go to work, go to school, just do the basics, the rest will work out". 

He would give his last dime to a person in need and would go 100 miles out of his way to help anyone, even if they didn't ask. 

He drove thousands of kids on their school bus trips, he always had a kind word for the kid being bullied and he was known to teach a kid how to fight back and also when to let it roll off. 

He drank more than his fair share of some medicinal liquids with relatives, friends and enemies and took pure JOY getting other people knee walking drunk, even me when I grew up.  Every time he was bartender it was sure to be a party.  He would just giggle...  If I heard someone ask him to be bartender, I knew it would be fun to stick around and watch old folks make fools of themselves.

He taught me how to change a tire, work hard, be fair to people, and take a walk in someone else's shoes (thank you Atticus Finch).  He made me watch old black and white movies and PBS and to this day I can recite quotes from the "Bridge over River Kwai" and the "Big Red One" and I love PBS.  AND YOU WILL LOVE FOOTBALL.

I hauled and mixed concrete before I was a teenager and he said I never could hold a flashlight still enough for him.  I learned A LOT about hardware stores, one of his favorite places in the whole word and I can name every wrench, screwdriver and drill bit by name because of him.  He loved that I was a girl, and he showed me my worth but always secretly wished I was a boy.  He always said "yes, you can" instead of "no, you can't, you're a girl".  He was my hero and my direction.  When I needed stabilizing, he did not hesitate to show me the direction I needed to go, sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't.  He never said, "I told you so".  He was my biggest fan, even in failure.

On my last visit he was riding in the Mart cart at Walmart.  He was thrilled to be moving around and was just having a great time.  He wore me out.  That was December 12, 2021.

There were a thousand other things he did for me, he helped me raise my precious children and taught them what a man and father show be.  He hated my ex with a passion and threatened to shoot him many times.  He never did.

The years were kind to him and he was strong as an ox, but his mind started to slip and he became scared and angry, afraid of things and people.  Dementia stepped in and knocked him over but God helped us and took him quick.   I did not want him to suffer and God heard me.

We will miss him.  He was my rock, my biggest fan and my friend and will always be my Daddy...

In lieu of flowers we suggest that you give a donation to a Masonic home in Sonny’s name.

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