Nancy Curtin
Nancy Curtin

Obituary of Nancy Bill Curtin

With grace, courage and love in her heart, Nancy B. Curtin, “Granny Nanny”, 99, of St. Petersburg, FL joined the Divine, September 12, 2022.  Born and raised in Rochester, NY, she was proceeded by her husbands, Harry L. Bill and David J. Curtin, her parents Dr. James Flynn and Mae Flynn, three sisters and a brother. Nancy is survived by her daughter Elizabeth Markie, son in-law, Will, and grandson Michael Markie.  She cherished her family and was an avid reader, movie-goer and lover of fashion. 


This photo was taken on her 98th birthday. People frequently inquired how she managed to look so young.  Her secret was in her mindset.  She awoke every morning, made her bed immediately and got dressed to look her best.


In life we hold many roles in relationship with others. Nancy was a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt and friend to many. If you knew her, then you have a special memory.  We encourage you to share yours as we share ours as family members;


“As her daughter, the most relevant memory I will carry forever is the knowing that my mother loved me with all her heart. With never a doubt about the depth of her love for me, she provided me the ability and strength to navigate the uncertainty of life feeling supported at all times. While it may appear that she is gone, the imprint of her love will live forever in my heart.”   Elizabeth


“My granny was always able to bring a smile to my face no matter the circumstances that either of us may have been facing. Her stories, wisdom and kindness will live on with me. Her love, the extreme amount of interest, and support that she has given to my life will always mean so much to me.” Michael


“Being Nancy’s  son-in-law I am grateful that I had the opportunity to know her and experience the loving, caring role she played in our family. She had a great sense of humor.  I will miss her presence and will always hold her in my heart.”  Will


“As a nephew of Nancy, my perception is that Nancy had noticed when she was a small child that her three older sisters had staked out areas of special competencies.  One was a caregiver, one had a religious vocation, and one was an ambitious achiever.  Nancy decided to not choose any of those areas, but instead to be a free spirit.  She often worried about her health and her finances, but was always generous to friends and relations. Everyone who knew her had an endearing story.  It is a distinguishing fact about Nancy that there are so many dozens of different stories.  Everyone who knew her will think of her when they see a star twinkling on a dark night, each for a unique reason.” Bill


“As a close family friend and thought of as a “second daughter” to Nancy, trying to pick one special moment in such a rich life is tough because Nancy’s was continually filled with memorable moments, ones that brought joy to all around her—that is what made being with her so much fun.  One that I will always remember is when she was giving me a ride back to Rochester, NY.  We decided to stop for lunch in Roscoe, New York.  After we ordered our club sandwiches (it always seemed to be club sandwiches!), we began to look around the tiny restaurant and started to make up stories about all of the other diners.  Over the course of two-plus hours, we continued to weave our stories of the other patrons, which left us in fits of giggling, as we often did when together.  It was her imagination and her ability to turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary that made Nancy such good company.  I will always treasure that afternoon.” Ellen




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