Funeral services in St. Petersburg, Florida

When researching funeral services near you, it can be difficult to understand the options available and where to start. You will likely have questions about what a funeral service is, what is included, how to begin planning, and how much you should expect to spend in Florida. Feeling overwhelmed is common and you are not alone. Anderson McQueen does everything we can to explain the process to you and keep you updated every step of the way. Whether you are looking for traditional burial services at a local Florida cemetery or minimal cremation services, we have options that fit your needs. But before you begin planning, we are here to answer your questions. To aid you on your research journey, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, we are available 24/7 at (727) 547-3773.

What are Funeral Services?

Funeral services can refer to the services a funeral home offers to care for and dispose of someone after they have passed, or they can also refer to the memorial celebration hosted after the passing. Funeral services include all of the funeral options available to you after someone passes, from traditional burial services to more modern cremation options. In Florida, you have countless funeral services available to you. Whether you are interested in a large memorial service in a place of worship or a smaller life celebration at home, you can find a local St. Petersburg funeral home to serve your needs.

What is included in a funeral service?

Packages vary from funeral home to funeral home throughout the state of Florida. Depending on which funeral home you choose, you will have different items and options included in your funeral services. At most funeral homes, you will have various burial and cremation services to explore. 

If you choose burial, there are certain services you can expect in your funeral service package. Depending on what is important to you, the following options may be included in your package:

  • A viewing
  • Embalming services
  • Memorial service planning and execution
  • Filing paperwork and ordering of death certificates
  • Options for caskets
  • The services of a professional, experienced funeral director

When beginning to explore and plan funeral options, whether you are planning for someone who has already passed or planning ahead for yourself, make an appointment with a local St. Petersburg funeral home to learn about the funeral service packages they have available and find the right services and funeral provider for you.

How to plan a funeral service?

When beginning to plan, the first step is choosing a funeral provider. This is one of the most significant decisions in the funeral planning process. The funeral home you choose will handle all the arrangements from start to finish, so you should find someone you trust to walk you through the process. 

If your loved one has already passed, the next step after choosing a funeral home is coordinating transportation into their care. The funeral home will explain to you the necessary steps and procedures to release the body into their care, and will send professionals to collect your loved one. If your loved one was in the hospital, in a local Florida nursing home, or had other medical professionals caring for them, they will help to facilitate the process. 

Once your loved one is safely in the care of your chosen funeral home, you will meet with a funeral director to explain your situation and wishes. They will walk you through the options available to you and help you find funeral services that fit your family’s needs. 

Depending on your particular timeline, you will likely have to answer many questions in a short period of time. The process can be overwhelming for many. Before meeting with a funeral director to discuss funeral services in St. Petersburg, consider the questions below:

  • Would you prefer cremation or burial
  • Where will the memorial service be held? In the funeral home’s event space? At a place of worship? A community center? 
  • What would you like the memorial or life celebration service to look like? What is most important to you? 
  • When will the memorial service take place? Will you need to delay the service so family and friends have time to travel to the location? 
  • If you are choosing burial services, where would you like your loved one’s body laid to rest? 
  • If you are choosing cremation services, will you also consider permanent memorialization options? What will you be doing with your loved one’s cremated remains? 

If you are planning funeral services in advance in St. Petersburg, the process is a bit different. You have ample time to explore your options and make decisions without rushing.

How much do funeral services cost in St. Petersburg?

The price of funeral services in St. Petersburg depends on the services you choose. For simple, direct cremation services, you can pay less than $1,000 with some funeral providers in Florida. For full service cremation and burial packages, the funeral services can cost thousands of dollars. When exploring your options, remember that funeral homes will price funeral services differently based on the level of service and the quality of options available to you.